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Project Description
This web part for SharePoint WSS 3.0 will display a security trimmed list of all subsites (1 level deep) contained within the site of the 'TopLevel' URL property provided. If no 'TopLevel' property value is provided, it will infer the current site context (of web part location).

Quick Start

  • Deploy Web Part Solution
    • stsadm -o addsolution -filename C:\DisplayChildSites.wsp
    • stsadm -o deploysolution -name DisplayChildSites.wsp -url http://MySharePointSiteCollection -immediate -allowGacDeployment
  • Enable feature
    • Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Features or Site Collection Features (depending on the scope of your solution deployment) > Activate DisplayChildSites
  • Add DisplayChildSites web part to your page.
  • Modify shared web part.
  • Expand "Custom Property Group".
  • Set TopLevel property to the URL value of the parent who's subsites you want to list. Alternately leave the property empty to display the current site's subsites.
Note: This web part has security trimming features such that users will only see links of subsites for which they have SPRights.ViewPages (View) privileges.

Source Code and .wsp file:

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